Race To The Clouds

Welcome to the official site for the documentery film Race To The Clouds.

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The Crew

  • Joanna Bitter

    Joanna Bitter

  • Bill McCoy

    Bill McCoy

  • Kristi Reynolds

    Kristi Reynolds

  • John Reynolds

    John Reynolds

  • Price Allen

    Price Allen

  • Tomasz Gombos

    Tomasz Gombos

About Race To The Clouds

In the summer of 2013 a group of friends from California takes on a journey to Colorado Springs where one of them will compete in Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Race that has taken place since 1916, making it the second oldest motorsport event in the United States of America.

This feature length documentary will cover their entire trip including preparations and their last week before the race. Unfolding what it takes to enter and compete in PPIHC.

We'll find out who the fans are and why this even is such a phenomenon.

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